Gifting Smokehaus Rose

Posted by ewquilts on November 12, 2018 in Inspiration, Pillars of My Quilting World |
After returning from my exhibit in France, I decided it was time to retire a few quilts out of my collection and from public exhibition.  It is such a thrill to be able to gift these quilts to people who’ve played a formative role in my life, creatively or otherwise.  One of these people is my Aunt Alice Solter (my Mom’s oldest sister) – who has shown me favor, kindness, and many remembrances since the day my parents brought me into their home in La Grange, Missouri, February of 1968.  She had expressed interest in my quilt “Smokehaus Rose” as her favorite piece.  I was particularly honored to present it to her as the quilt was inspired by fond memories of my early years in La Grange, where she lived only a few houses away, and where most of my extended adoptive family lived, including my two sets of grandparents.  Every quilt finds its right home, this one is no exception.




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