Artist Statement

Everyone has a story. Our stories are how we know who we are, and how we are known across miles, and generations.  They are the consummation of what we have been told, and what we have told ourselves.  Our stories are both our truth and our fiction.

Since childhood, I had the impulse to create.  I instinctively attended to patterns, and contradictions to those patterns.  I sought to understand how things were related, especially in ways below the surface.  Expressed in abstract patterns, color relationships, and the act of repetitive construction, creating remains the core of my identity.

A quilt is a commitment, a physical and spiritual expedition, full of highs and lows.  As with all good travel, I return a changed person.  My desire to make quilts parallels my unrelenting desire to access that which is greater than myself.  The act of creation is a kind of prayer and meditation, an exercise of faith in a theology of art.  A finished quilt illustrates a metaphysical transformation of energy to thought, and thought to physical manifestation. 

I make quilts for the common good, not the least of which is my own.  I make them to be an inspiration, a joy, and a transcendent experience for both myself and the viewer. The quilts record my soul’s expansion through the work of my hands.  They are both the means and the end to the story that is my life.